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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions by our prospective and valued customers. 

Q1. Is Bejewel a registered and recognized E-commerce platform?
Answer : YES. Bejewel is registered and recognized by the corporate affairs commission with the reg No : BN2789918.

Q2. What's with the serial ids attached to the  product names? Are they like the product serial numbers?
Answer : No, they are not product serial numbers. They are just product stock keeping units(SKU) and are used to differentiate between products of conflicting names in stock.

Q3. Your prices are too good to be true. How genuine are your products?
Answer : There is no better way to convince our prospective customers of the genuineness and quality of our products except through the testimonies of our valued customers and an eventual trial. But we can only make one promise. "You will never be dissatisfied or disappointed "

Q4. Do you offer Cash on delivery payment option? Are there any criteria for that??
Answer : YES, we do. There are currently no criteria for that.

Q5. Do you offer any after sales service?
Answer : YES, we do. We help our valued customers with fixing their broken high end wrist watches and jewellery.

Q6. Is Bejewel always open 24/7?
Answer : YES, our platform and customer service channels are always open.