Our Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions by our prospective and valued customers. 

Q1. Is Bejewel a registered and recognized E-commerce platform?

Answer : YES. Bejewel is registered and recognized by the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria with the registration number : 2789918.

Q2. Why does a customer has to pay for shipping before a Cash On Delivery( COD ) order can be processed?

Answer : The shipping fee or it's equivalent serves as a RE-FUNDABLE token of commitment to an order on the part of valued customers. It also serves as a means to limit uncommitted first-time shoppers whose ulterior motive is to falsely evaluate Bejewel's capacity to serve.

The shipping fee or it's equivalent and any other paid amount shall be FULLY refunded in an event that the customer is not satisfied with an order at the point of reception or within the specified period of time provisioned in our return policy and consequently, does not wish to make a replacement. 

The shipping fee or it's equivalent shall NOT be charged as a token of commitment on future Cash On Delivery (COD) orders, after a successful first-time purchase, for as long as a valued customer continues to make purchases, at least once in a three( 3 ) month interval. 

We sincerely implore all valued customers to understand the reasons for this policy as stated above and support the Bejewel team with maximum co-operation.

With a detailed elaboration, vow of full refund and promise of commitment exemption on future COD orders, Bejewel will be compelled by "common sense" to accept the fact that a prospective customer is not ready to make a purchase, if the customer refuses to co-operate with this policy. 

Q3. What's with the serial ids attached to the  product names? Are they like the product serial numbers?

Answer : They are product stock keeping units (SKU) and are used to differentiate between products of conflicting names in stock.

Q4. Your prices are too good to be true. How genuine are your products?

Answer : There is no better way to convince prospective customers of the genuineness and quality of our products except through the testimonies of our valued customers and an eventual trial. However, we can make one promise to all prospective customers : " we will do our very best to ensure that you are never dissatisfied or disappointed ".

Q5. Do you offer Cash on delivery payment option? Are there any criteria for that??

Answer : YES, we do. There are currently no criteria for using the COD option. 

Q6. Some of the product keywords we search for does not return any results. is there a better or particular way to search for our favourite products?

Answer : The search query returns zero results when keywords do not match any product name, tag, type, or description on the website. This could be as a result of no spacing between keywords, wrongly spelt keywords or too many keywords in the search query.

To ensure optimum performance of search queries, Always ensure that keywords are correctly typed, well spaced and are as concise as possible (Limited to a single phrase).

Q7. Is Bejewel always open 24/7?

Answer : YES, our platform and customer service channels are always open. 

Q8. Does your wristwatches come with a box or case?

Answer: Yes, it is part of our company policy that all wristwatches, sunglasses, rings and other branded products MUST come packaged in their branded boxes or cases, accordingly.

Q9. Does Bejewel have any physical retail store(s)?

Answer: No. Bejewel does not operate any physical retail store(s) of its own at the moment. Rather it helps physical retail store owners (merchants) to sell their products on its website. Therefore, it is safe to imply that all products sold on Bejewel are represented on this website. 

Q10. How does your shipping charges apply? Per product or per order??

Answer: Shipping charges apply per order and are calculated at checkout based on total cart amount and distance of the destination from the shipping origin. It is NOT affected by the total number of products added to cart if the resulting cart amount stays within acceptable price range for the basic shipping fee charged for a particular destination.

Q11. How does the price of couple products apply? Per each or pair??

Answer : Couple products are put together as one product instance to make them easily accessible for valued customers. However, the price attached to couple products applies per each. This means that for a pair, the price would be multiplied by a factor of two.

Q12. Does Bejewel offer real promotions when prices are truly slashed to get customers to buy more?

Answer: Yes. With the exception of seasonal promotions such as: Black Fridays, Bejewel runs weekly promotions when prices are truly slashed to enable valued customers buy more at discounted prices. These promotions include:

Bejewel Fredel Week: Designed to offer free delivery to valued customers nationwide, irrespective of their shipping destination. It is valid every first week of every month.

Bejewel Gifty Week: Designed to offer product gifts ( in the form of an additional product of any kind ) to customers in a bid to add more value to their product cart(s) and fun to their shopping experience. It is valid every second week of every month.

Bejewel Auction Week: Designed to offer valued customers a voice and the opportunity to bid(negotiate price) for their favourite products. It is valid every third week of every month.

Bejewel Awoof Week: Designed to offer all products at greatly discounted prices to valued customers during a round off sale at the end of every month.

Bejewel Weekend Super Sale: Designed to offer selected products at greatly discounted prices but for a very limited amount of time to valued customers, in a bid to add more value and fun to the shopping experience. It is valid every weekend.


Bejewel Bulk Purchase is designed to give valued customers( bulk-resellers, dropshippers, retailers and consumers ) bulk discounts to enable them buy products at wholesale when they buy in bulk. It offers an exclusive extra (10-50)% discount on the sale price of selected products and valid for a minimum order quantity( MOQ ) of five( 5 ) items per order.
Bulk discounts apply automatically at checkout. 
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