About Us

Bejewel is a fashion marketplace that offers all kinds of exotic jewelry and fashion accessories from all major brands in the fashion industry.

Products found on Bejewel include ( but may not be limited to ) : wristwatches, bangles and bracelets, cufflinks and studs, necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches, tie chain and clips, shoes, wallets and purses, handbags, sunglasses, perfumes, body creams and lotions, home accessories, etc.

We are dedicated to offering a safe and convenient means to shop online with great ease by offering the best prices, hassle-free payment options, timely doorstep delivery, genuine items and a vast collection of products.

Bejewel does not operate any physical retail store(s) of its own at the moment. It rather helps physical business owners (merchants) to sell their products on its website. Therefore, it is safe to imply that all products sold on Bejewel are represented on this website. 


To break through district, state and ethnic barriers in a quest to reward the efforts of our hardworking citizens with genuine value for their hard earned money. 

We aim to achieve this vision through consistent and collaborative efforts to connect together merchants ( manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers ) in fashion and all of its subsidiary niches online to bring you genuine and affordable fashion accessory items in a way that completely solves the problem of choice and satisfies the "gift item" need.


To contribute in the improvement of social life through fashion and accessory by solving the problem of choice and catering the need for gift items.


We believe in the notion of live and let live, and therefore are working hard to set up a dynamic work environment that would enhance cultural diversity in our workplace.

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