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Products found on bejewel include items in the categories of jewelry, clothing, fashion and home accessories. Our services include, gift wrapping, retail, wholesale( bulk purchase ) and logistics services. Products and corresponding variants are described below:

Wrist Watches: best wrist watch for men and women, cheap and affordable wrist watches, latest wrist watches, automatic wrist watch, mechanical wrist watches, chronographs, chronometers, female wrist watches, ladies wrist watches, gents wrist watches, male wrist watches, unisex wrist watches, digital wrist watches, analogue wristwatches, touch screen wrist watches, leather strap wrist watches, rubber strap wrist watches, chain strap wrist watches, wooden strap wrist watches, iced wrist watches, stone wrist watches, crystal wrist watches, etc.

Foot Wear: Leather shoes, dress shoes, latest sneakers, canvas, slides, sandals, wedges, high heels, slippers, men shoes, women shoes, gentlemen shoes, ladies shoes, boots, half shoes, cover shoes, flat shoes, designer shoes, loafer shoes for men, casual shoes, corporate shoes, business shoes, leather dress boot shoes, suede shoes, men's suede boots, suede sneakers, suede slip on shoes, oxford shoes, dress sneakers, men's leather sandals, leather brogues, ladies footwear, women's footwear, cheap shoes for men and women, suit shoes, brogue boots, branded leather shoes, men's moccasins, unisex shoes, office shoes, clog shoes, pump shoes, etc.

Sunglass: men sunglasses, men eye wear, ladies sunglasses, ladies eye wear, designer sunglasses, designer eye wear, photochromic sunglasses, detachable lens, unisex eye wear, unisex sunglasses, sun shade glasses for ladies and gentlemen, fashion sunglasses for men and women, stylish goggles for men and women, luxury shades, high quality sunglasses, etc.

Bangle And Bracelet: men's leather bracelet, leather bracelet for women, men's leather bangle, crystal bracelets, wristband, real gold crystal bangle for women, stone bangles, diamond stone bangles, crystal stone bangles, jewelry bracelet, wrist jewelry for ladies, women's wrist jewelry, men's wrist jewelry, gold and diamond bangle bracelet, stone bracelets for men and women, ladies gold chain bracelets and bangles, cuff bangle and bracelet, belt bracelet and bangle, unisex bangle and bracelet, charm bracelet, etc.

Necklace: emerald pendant necklace, diamond necklace set, choker necklaces, charm necklace, locket necklace, men's necklace, necklace for women, stone necklace, ice chain necklace, ice cuban necklace, crystals necklace, locket and chain, ladies necklace, jewelry necklace, cuban chain link necklace, fashion necklace, neck jewellery designs, necklace gift, cheap necklace, male and female necklace, pendant styles, designer pendants, etc.

Cufflink And Stud: cufflink set, cufflinks and studs set, cufflinks jewelry, cufflinks gift, dress cufflinks, designer cufflinks, designer stud set, etc.

Handbag: purses for women, womens handbags, travel purses, shoulder purse, shoulder bag, tote bag, backpack purse, ladies purses and handbags, duffle purse, hand purse, travel tote bag, ladies travel handbag, fulton bag, micro handbags, micro purse, male and female handbags, hobo handbags, designer handbags, laptop handbags, document handbags, etc.

Backpack: backpacks for women, travel backpack for men, women's travel backpacks, womens backpack bags, ladies travel backpack, ladies rucksack handbag, pack it backpack, cloth backpack, journeys backpacks, female backpack, male backpacks, unisex backpack, dress backpack, school backpack, laptop backpack, etc.

Perfume And Fragrance: best online perfumes and fragrances in Nigeria, opium perfume, ysl cologne, paris perfume, oud perfume for men and women, cologne perfume, light perfume, good cheap perfume, noir perfume, edp spray, fragrance spray, oud spray, cheap designer perfume, perfume scents, tuxedo perfume, tuxedo fragrance, nice perfumes for ladies, oud wood, 100ml perfume, ladies perfume, unisex perfume, unique perfume, perfume gift, unisex cologne, fragrance gift set, cheap fragrances, designer fragrances, fragrance collection, ladies fragrances, male fragrance, female fragrance, best seller parfum, opium scents, etc.

Rings: engagement rings for women, diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, wedding rings for men and women, cheap engagement rings, cheap wedding rings, marriage rings, couples rings, engagement rings for couples, cheap mens wedding bands, proposal rings, fashion rings, ladies dress rings, ladies diamond wedding rings, steel rings, unisex engagement rings, unisex wedding rings, iced out rings, ring accessories, ring styles, etc.

Clothing: jeans pant for men and women, men's wear, vintage wear, jeans jacket, sweater, turtle neck, polo, suit pants, sportswear, polo shirt and shorts, t shirt, suit jackets, new style pant, polo jean, retro fashion style, men and women clothing, mens fashion, long sleeve, shirt sleeve, round neck, dress shirt, women's fashion, unisex dresses, etc.

WaistBelt: waist belts for dresses, belt accessory, unisex belt, waist belt for men and women, etc.

Brands: Casio, Fossil, Montblanc, Patek Phillippe, Tag, Rolex, Ferrari, Vacheron Constantin, Boss, Iwc, Emporio Armani, Tissot, Lamborghini, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Rado, Chopard, Anne Frank, Gucci, Maserati, Longines, Police, Hublot, G Shock, Look World, Forecast, Coss, Festina, Invicta, Bvlgari, Piaget, Franck Muller, Richard Mille, Loncar, Versace, Rodger Dubuis, Swatch, Ferragamo, John Foster, Julian Frost, Christian Louboutin, Nike, Skmei, Tom Ford, Ray Ban, Cartier, Louis Vitton, Dior, Burberry, Givenchy, Michael Kors, etc.

Colors: Gold, silver, rosegold, black, brown, white, wood, blue, pink, red, orange, etc.

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