Payment, Shipping And Return Policy

On Bejewel, valued customers are offered all possible payment methods that are typical of our nation's E-commerce setting; secure, easy, convenient and trust-oriented. Product evaluation, packaging and shipping processes are thorough, organized and efficient respectively. Rates and prices are the lowest compared to similar online stores. Return policy is the most friendly and least strict.
Valued customers could also send in product pictures ( must belong in the scope of Bejewel's product offerings ) and ask for availability using the "Message Us" button, if they could not find these products on Bejewel.

In a bid to project honesty, transparency and integrity, valued customers are advised to open their shipment(s) at pickup centres ( for nearest location pickups ) or in front of delivery agents ( for home delivery pickups ) to determine if they got what they ordered and verify product authenticity before making payment(s).


Bejewel Bulk Purchase is designed to give valued customers( bulk-resellers, dropshippers, retailers and consumers ) bulk discounts to enable them buy products at wholesale when they buy in bulk. It offers an exclusive extra (10-50)% discount on the sale price of selected products and valid for a minimum order quantity( MOQ ) of five( 5 ) items per order.
Bulk discounts apply automatically at checkout. 


Payment methods on Bejewel include :

1. Payment Before Delivery:

Online Gateway :-  Valued customers can pay for their orders via a secured online payment processing system using any debit card or Bank account acquired in the country.

Bank deposit / transfer :- The customer will be required to deposit or transfer the total order amount into Bejewel's corporate account " BEFORE " delivery of the product(s).

2. Cash On Delivery (COD):

The customer will be required to pay in cash or transfer money " ON " delivery of the product(s).

First-time valued customers ( customers shopping for the first time ) and valued customers who are in-active for at least three( 3 ) months may be required to pay ONLY the shipping fee or it's equivalent charged for their respective destinations before their orders will be processed. Click on the icon FAQS  for more elaboration on this policy. 

All valued customers are also implored to honour the pledge of availing themselves ( for home delivery pickup ) or visiting the designated pickup center ( for nearest location pickup ) within three(3) days, after order arrival. 


All products ordered on Bejewel are thoroughly examined and evaluated by a quality assurance personnel to ensure compliance to product authenticity standards before these products are approved for packaging and shipping. 

It is part of Bejewel's policy that all wristwatches, sunglasses, rings, shoes, and all branded products MUST come packaged in their branded cases or boxes, accordingly.

Products are packaged in a branded carton ( for products that occupy more than one(1) square meter in space ), nylon ( for products of indefinite shapes ) or envelope ( for products of parcel sizes ).


Products are shipped to customers nationwide through the fastest routes and trusted logistics network. Delivery takes 24-72 hours in Lagos and 3-5 days outside Lagos. Delivery may be delayed for an extra day or more ( as the case may be ) under Government imposed circumstances such as : Federal, State and District Public Holidays, Federal, State and District Curfew, Inter-State travel ban, State border closure, etc.

While inputting shipping information, it is of utmost importance to enter a VALID SHIPPING ADDRESS ( with street / house number, name and nearest bus-stop ), EMAIL ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER as those will serve as a means of contact.


Except during FREE SHIPPING promotions, shipping charges may apply per order and are calculated at checkout based on total cart amount and distance of the destination from the shipping origin.

Shipping rates are NOT affected by the total number of products added to cart if the resulting total cart amount stays within acceptable price range for the basic shipping fee charged for a particular destination. 


Valued customers who are not satisfied with their order at the time of opening their shipment(s) are advised to return the shipment(s) immediately to the delivery agent or the pickup centre for immediate re-call. 

Also, customers may return their orders if they are not satisfied within seven(7) days after purchase, by dropping off the item(s) at the nearest pickup centre for immediate re-call.

These customers will in turn be contacted by Bejewel, after the returned shipment has been accounted for, to ascertain the reason(s) for return and negotiate a full refund or replacement.

NB: Shipping charges may apply for returning a shipment with zero damages, zero malfunctions, or based on a frivolous change of heart. Also, returned products should include the vendor packaging, tags and be in the same condition as at when it was received and must be returned within 7 days after receipt.

Bejewel will NOT accept or re-fund products that have been tempered with, in ways such as:

1. Unwrapping the nylon seal that originally comes with products (for products wrapped in original white nylon)

2. Adjusting or modifying the parts of products Eg: wristwatches, jewelry. etc.

3. Attempting to self-fix malfunctioning products.

4. Products that were damaged in custody of the customer. 


1. Registration of Complaint: 
Valued customers are required to file their complaint via a phone call, text message or Email before the return policy period expires.

2. Complaint Review: 
Complaints reviews typically takes between 24 to 48 hours (or more, in exceptional cases) and valued customers are fully engaged in the process, if necessary. 

3. Complaint Feedback: 
After a complaint review is complete, an item may or may not be authorized for return based on the Return Policy Eligibility guidelines.

If return is not authorized, this will be communicated along with relevant reasons. However, If return is authorized, the customer will be sent an authorization along with appropriate information on where to drop off the item.

NB: The item(s) is the customer's responsibility until it is confirmed in custody of Bejewel. Therefore, valued customers are urged to pack return safely to prevent damage of the product(s).

4. Return of Item: 
The customer will be required to return the item within the timeframe communicated.

5. Return Confirmation: 
Once a return is successfully received, the customer will be sent a confirmation. However, if the item does not meet the criteria required for Return (after product inspection), return may be declined.

6. Resolution Processing: 
Based on case specifics, final resolution after return confirmation may happen very quickly or may take longer ( Especially in cases which involve detailed inspection or examination).

7. Final Resolution: 
A decision on product repair, replacement or cash refund will be reached and communicated to the customer.


Orders that are fully paid for before delivery are given higher priority than COD orders. This might lead to a slight delay in delivery period of COD orders. Therefore, we encourage all valued customers to pay before delivery as it attracts more benefits.

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